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Parenting bible: 1-3 years old children's nutrition diet is tie-in, quick collec2018-09-12 11:04:53    source:独秀纸品     editor:duxiu

Parenting bible: 1-3 years old children's nutrition diet is tie-in, quick collection!

A, nutritious diet

Plagued by baby's diet don't know how many parents, the parents always feel child refused to eat it, don't want to eat that, I don't know what to eat what? Take a look at below child nutritionist Liu Changwei give baby nutrition diet!

1. The milk

To continue breastfeeding children should continue to breastfeed, breast milk quantity about 600 ml/day, best can sustainable to 2 years old, let the child natural milk. Can't breastfeed, the best choice of infant formula milk powder 50-80 - g/day (equivalent to 350-500 ml of liquid milk). To refuse to accept formula, while children would like to drink pure milk, also can choose pure milk or unsweetened plain yogurt, sufficient to ensure the sources of calcium and other nutrients, to meet the child development and cause no adverse effects.


2. The staple food

From infancy to early childhood, staple food begins to increase gradually. Staple food generally refers to the grains, such as rice, wheat flour, corn, millet, making foods include rice, steamed buns, noodles, rice porridge, etc. Total amount is equivalent to 100-150 - g/day. Crop varieties more, cooking methods are varied, such as soft rice, rice porridge, noodles, bread, steamed rolls, dumplings, dumplings, wonton, rice pudding, etc. Often should take turns to replace both meet the requirements of the dietary diversity, and make it easier for young children to accept. Can also be a small amount of try to eat a potato, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes. Staple foods should be soft, and gradually to adults excessive, attention can't be too hard.

3. Vegetables and fruits

Rich in vegetables and fruits is beneficial to the health of children. The amount of fruits and vegetables can be 150-200 grams, from less to more. Vegetables to avoid more fiber such as leek, celery is not easy to digest and can choose leaves vegetables, spinach leaves, leaf vegetables, carrots, winter squash, high nutritional value of the dark or green vegetables such as tomatoes, diversity at the same time. Fruit also can choose diversification, such as apple, banana, peach, orange, seedless grapes, dragon fruit, etc.

4. Eggs, fish, lean poultry meat

Total eggs, fish, lean livestock meat every day adds up to around 100 grams. Thin livestock meat for 25 to 50 grams, thin livestock meat is iron, zinc, protein and other nutrients are good sources. But it should not be too much, especially red meat, otherwise it will increase too much saturated fat intake, long-term prone to overweight or obese. Can with meat and vegetables to make dumpling stuffing, give the child make dumplings, both health and delicious.

Every day or the next day an egg, or equivalent other eggs, can make tomato scrambled eggs, Fried shrimps with laver egg soup, steamed egg or meat steamed egg, etc.

Fish and shrimp, on average, 25 to 50 grams per day, the best fish 1-2 times a week (by mercury pollution risk small fish such as salmon, etc.), to obtain more DHA. In order to avoid the children eating fish will card, can do fish circle, etc.

5. Soy products

Can eat tofu, tofu. Is the kinds of tofu, preference firm tofu (BeiDouFu), tofu, they contain relatively high calcium, rather than the lactone tofu (contain relatively low calcium). Soya-bean milk nutrition value lower 800 ml (25 grams of soy can make soybean milk), does not fit within 3 years old infants and young children; Relatively hard bean curd stick, tofu skin, bean curd cake and other soy products best after eating at the age of 3. The whole grain of soybean, soybean sprout and edamame it is best to eat later at the age of 6.

Oil of 6.

At present, the market put a lot of, some even "all kinds of banner, give the child often choose cooking oil to parents at a loss. In fact, not a vegetable oil is perfect. Parents can choose soybean oil, salad oil, olive oil, sesame oil, flax seed oil, Perilla seed oil, etc., or several oil blend oil. Walnut oil and soybean oil, also can, but can't walnut oil myth.

7. Condiment

Salt, 1-3 g/day. Our country is a typical heavy taste, taste drawback is very obvious. High incidence of hypertension, but only a few important. Grab and preventing chronic diseases should children start, from the baby. Chidhood delicate taste, reducing salt intake. At the same time, do not eat excitant food tartly.


8. Supplements

1 to 3 years old still best vitamin D supplements, 400 international units a day, for the amount of vitamin D in food is very limited. If children have more outdoor activities, summer can not add, add periods of winter in the sun. Whether to add other supplements or be combined with the actual situation, if a balanced diet, and generally do not need.



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